Bungee Fitness

-Flying through the air like Superman or jumping like a frog are just some of the exercises people experience with the 4D PRO┬«. Pretending to be a superhero or swinging through the air brings a playfulness and FUN to working out that creates a magical smile on people faces. A smile that makes time fly…


Pitaiyo is three exercise disciplines in one class: Pilates, tai chi and yoga. Pitaiyouniquely fuses movement fitness, psychology of sport and living self-awareness. It is singularly dedicated to being an enduring force toward achieving a lifestyle of personal balance. Pitaiyo is spiritual and physical.


Dance2Fit is a mixture of 60% dance and 40% fitness. We dance to the most popular hits on the radio including genres rap, country, rock, dubstep, classic rock, & pop. Example fitness moves include: squats, lunges, burpees, high knees, jumping jacks, punches, as well as cool down floor exercises! Dance2Fit will help you get your…


Lights, Camera, Action!!!! I mean Lights,..Cycle.. Party is our Brand New program with a brand new cycling room!! Amazing Certified Cycling instructors!!! Incredible music!! A light show that will motivate the heck out of your ride!!! Are you ready for this?

Unlimited Program

Welcome to FaithFully Fit UNLIMITED!!! Where you get the same awesome Boot Camp Small group personal training classes and now tons more!!!!!! We knew you loved the Boot Camp, but we also added some amazing programs that we didn’t want you to miss. So, now it is all included, and these are all things you…